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    Edge peek mode is great for many situations but sometimes it just zooms out too much so to text becomes unreadable. I thought about some ideas that would help with games that have hud elements/text at the edges of the screen.

    1. Ability to change the zoom out value of edge peek
    2. Pan feature, temporarily pan the screen to view objects that are around edges.
    3. Option to use the same “zoom box” that is used in vr cinema mode in “normal mode”, also options to adjust its position and size.

    Don’t know how other people feel about these or how hard some of them would be to implement?


    I think 1. is the most important of these. Luckily it’s already possible. You just have to check the expert options checkbox in the config app to unlock it. After doing so, you can change the EdgePeek screen distance on the display page of the vorpX ingame menu.

    2. is essentially how the old 2D EdgePeek works. Can also be enabled with expert options on, but I wouldn’t really recommend that.


    Thanks, previously I had expert options enabled but had to reinstall so they weren’t availabe, have to check those “old” features now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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