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    Got a few questions. On full VR mode as I move my head I have to keep resetting my view because it’ll keep sticking to the left or the right (if that makes any sense). Any fix to that?

    Also, is there any way to play in edgepeak (zoomed) mode? I love being able to stand up and play and use my head to aim without the screen not sticking completely due to the borders. It’s just so blurry when you zoom in.

    I’m kind of getting this VORPX thing, just needs some getting used to. dog fighting in Battlefront 2 is amazing and I just got Battlefield V working with the imported Battlefield 1 settings.

    If I could just figure out how to play full vr, zoomed, without the blurriness instead of having to be zoomed out. Any input would be great!


    If you open the image page of DEL menu while in full vr mode you’ll find an image zoom slider to adjust zoom to your liking. Alternately, Shift+mousewheel should also change zoom level. I often zoom out as far as i can until I see the side boarders of the screen. Doing this adds those letterbox bars on top and bottom, but helps to give you a sharper image.

    On that same image page is a sharpening slider that I find really helps with the blurriness. That and upping your game resolution as much as your PC can handle.

    If you like not having the screen locked to your face, try the cinema mode, which can also be zoomed in and out a fair ways, and you can change the background to black if you want.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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