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    Hey everyone,

    So an Elden Ring First Person mod got posted on Nexusmods.

    The mod author put -alot- of thought into this one. There is no lock on, but there is some light autoaim. There are crosshairs for casters, and, well, just in your face melee combat for warriors.

    The mod is easy to install.

    I need to call out the elephant on the Room; why not use LukeRoss’ mod? Because – LukeRoss’ mod is barely playable. I tried it multiple times and its just an awful experience. In that mod, character orientation is not taken into account, so while youre trying to “side step” and then swing, your character is still facing in the wrong direction when you “Attack”

    This new mod, it basically gives Elden Ring FPS controls. Side strafing works as intended, aiming spells and projectiles does. Due to the lack of Information “on screen” for being first person; the modder even put in a “threat indicator” where in your crosshairs, there will be a Circle that will point towards incoming attacks, so if youre getting hit from the sides, youll have that info in first person.

    Overall, its the most well done First Person Mod for the Souls Series. Sekiro and Dark Souls 3 have good ones; but not nearly as well thought through as this one.

    The only annoying factor is the menus react to your look direction, so when messing with menus, you may want to zoom out.

    I will also add, I suggest mapping your Crouch/Sneak to your -Right Thumbstick-; you dont need Right Thumbstick anymore since there is no lock on. Now, set your Vorpx Settings for Zoom In/Zoom out to Thumbstick, so you can use the left stick to zoom out and navigate menus. If you are not seeing the Crosshairs in game, press Q on your keyboard, that should fix it.

    If there are any Sekiro fans around here, theres also a mod to give you Sekiro Deflect posture damage on enemies and basically play the game like Sekiro. First Person Mod is the first link, Sekiro Style Deflect is the Second Link and Sekiro “Posture Bars” are the third link.

    If you have any questions, let me know.




    For the Posture Bar Mod, you need to fix one thing

    When you install it, you need to go into the game’s PostureBarModConfig.ini file and change this line to this:

    HideBarsOnMenu = true

    change to

    HideBarsOnMenu = false


    Overall Modding Guidance for Steam Games in General:

    Now, in conclusion – IF YOU DO THIS AND ENJOY IT – BACKUP THE ENTIRE GAME ON YOUR HARD DRIVE. Mods for Souls games break with every game update.

    Go to your Steam Folder, Copy your -entire- Elden Ring folder and paste it somewhere safe in your hard drives. When the game gets an update, you can usually counteract it by letting it update, then when you want to return to the game with these mods, youll delete everything in the Elden Ring SteamApps folder, then Paste your old game. Have Steam set to “Offline mode”; so it wont see the changes made, then boot up.

    Saved games will get broken with updates too. I recommend, if you mod anything, to always put it in “Only Update This Game When I Launch It”. You can easily do this by Right Clicking a game in Steam – Properties – Updates – Drop Box Select “Only Update This Game When I Launch It”. Done, game wont update automatically.

    So, if you log into Steam one day and see “Update Queued” for a game youve modded; -STOP-, do not launch it. Put Steam into OFFLINE Mode. Now go to this site, they have a profile for every game, but we are just using Elden Ring’s as an example; https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Elden_Ring

    There you can find where your saved files are, where configuration files are. Go in and back up your saves locally, somewhere else on your hard drive, along with your configuration files.

    If the game updates and breaks your mods; just put it back into Offline Mode, delete the game from the SteamApp folder, then use your old copy from before the patch, paste that into the SteamApp folder, then stay in offline mode to continue using the mods you want.

    Basically, if you mod any game, this is a process you want to be doing. Always keep a spare of the game’s folders put away in your hard drive, so if updates break mods, you just roll back like that and move forward, just keeping Steam set to offline mode to not attempt to update again.

    Dont delete the game from Steam, Steam is the DRM, you need Steam to have the game “installed” for it to launch. You just go in and replace folders manually.

    If you have any questions on the mods, Ill try to help.

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