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    Hey, so I thought I’d post since this is the only game that does this, but this might not be related to VorpX, hoping someone might have a solution here though. As soon as I put on the headset the fps drop – both the game on the PC screen and on the Rift S freeze(I get the hourglass on the Rift and nothing moves). That happens in game, not on the main menu.

    I’m running on a GTX 1060 6GB, i7-12700K, 32GB RAM, playing with an xbox controller and I have 3 monitors connected to my PC. The one I’m running Elden Ring on is 3440×1440, the other 2 are 4K.

    Now here’s the good part.

    If I alt-tab out of the game or if I don’t move AT ALL, it shows up fine. If I alt-tab of course I can’t move in the game, and the slightest movement in game will make it freeze again. Now I’ve been having problems with Elden Ring and the mouse cursor in general, if I move it inside the window on any menu the game will do the same thing, even without the Rift. I’m suspecting the issue could be from the head-tracked “cursor” that pops up in the Rift when you use a controller. But I can’t play without a controller anyway because of the cursor freezing.

    I’ve tried different resolutions, a different monitor, lowering graphics, Windowed mode(this one actually makes the game playable with the mouse but doesn’t fix the Rift freezing). I’ve disabled full-screen optimizations for elden ring. Tried different scaling options and resolutions for my monitor. Tried disconnecting the other two monitors as well. I’m all out of ideas at this point. It’s only Elden Ring T_T

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