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    Hi guys,
    Could I just ask a few questions about eso and vorpx as this is the game am mainly thinking of buying vorpx for.
    I have a vive, and play room scale with the real Skyrim VR.
    I was wondering how playing Elder Scrolls Online using vorpx compares to Skyrim VR.

    Does it work roomscale?
    Does looking around work the same, like looking behind me shows me what is behind me, or do I still have to turn with a controller to look behind?
    I see it says I can use the vive wands, so does this mean I can map the vive wands to certain tasks and play without using keyboard and mouse, so it makes it similar to Skyrim VR ?
    Does it make you feel like your actually there, like Skyrim VR?
    Is there already a good profile for ESO, or would I have to make my own?

    I really enjoyed Skyrim VR, and would love to continue adventuring in ESO in VR.

    Any other things you might like to say about your ESO Vorpx experiences would be appreciated.



    In my complete opinion, TESO with Vorpx is good for immersive and cinema modes, but not with FullVR mode.

    For fullVR however … TESO leaves a lot to be desired and has a lot to improve, it has nothing to do with the feeling with SkyrimVR to this day, not even with Skyrim / Fallout 3 and NV, or Dishonored and Vorpx.

    TESO (along with some other games) has a big problem to tackle in order to correctly achieve the immersion in FullVR mode, for example, this one of those games that do not match its aspect ratio with the current headsetVR screens format, even if you change resolutions.
    FOV weapon is extremely close to our view in widescreen, and FOV golbal does not feel enough either, without using external tools.

    Here begin their two biggest problems that in turn, derives in others.

    RE7 (Biohazard 7) also suffers a similar problem, but here at least, for the moment there are external tools to mitigate the problem manually, which I would like to someday be automated with Vorpx through directVR.

    The theme of the current games, which have limited or do not support narrow aspect ratios, such as 5: 4 or 4: 3 among others, without the need to show upper and lower black bands, is a topic that has me especially worried at the time of achieve a full immersion with Vorpx in FullVR mode.


    im just playing and see so beautyfull landscapes i never saw in skyrim vr :)

    summerset blows me away

    full vr eso is ok with fov tweak in vorpx menu, but full headtracking and ego playstyle is exhausting after one hour, so i play immersive third person mode normal.

    Center headset a bit more far from the pc with alt spc and than sit a bit near to the screen, so immersive is mostly like full vr, i see no boarders, only this fantstic g3d landscape and enjoy all gamefeatures g3d vr.

    No roomscale with vorpx, but i dont want and need that for eso–just doo the hole adventure easy and relaxed


    Well I bought VorpX about 1 hour ago, and downloaded a cloud profile for ESO.VorpX attachs to the game, but I cannot access the vorpx in game settings. When I press DELETE on my keyboard, nothing happens.
    I was hoping to adjust some of the settings as it doesn’t seem to play like a real vr game.

    How come the Settings don’t show when I press DELETE ?
    On my monitor, ESO is on full screen, and the vorpx sign is on the bottom of the screen!


    Ok, I finally got the vorpx menu to show after pressing delete.Any ideas on the best settings in game to get the vr effect most similar to playing skyrim vr

    In game I have set it up to First person, and maxed the fOV for first person.
    What other options do you think I should change please ?

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