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    Hey Ralf,

    I purchased ESO today and have tried to get it working with VORPX as it’s listed as being a compatible game. I applied the games VR settings via the VORPX app and started the game. The game starts fine but when you reach the character selection screen my character is invisible and it looks like nothing is rendered, instead I just see a blueish haze over everything with some of the UI on top. The same happens actually in game as well and nothing is visible other than a blue haze.

    Any idea why?



    Just a guess: did you activate the DX9 renderer (required for proper 3D)? Normally the Game Optimizer should take care of that, but it may fail in some cases.

    To do it manually, locate your UserSettings.txt and change

    SET GraphicsDriver.7 “D3D11” to SET GraphicsDriver.7 “D3D9”

    The UserSettings.txt file is located at [Documents]\Elder Scrolls Online\liveeu

    “liveeu” may also be just “live”, “liveus” or maybe something else depending on your location.


    Yup, DX9 is set. The game works fine without VORPX active. I notice that if I delete ‘UserSettings.txt’ and let the game create a new one then re-run VORPX’s Game Optimizer the game works for one play session, after which the blue haze bug returns and I have to delete ‘UserSettings.txt’ for VORPX to display the game correctly again.


    That sounds strange. The Game Optimizer is the only thing that adjusts settings in the UserSettings.txt, so any change it makes should be visible directly after applying it. Specifically the Optimizer changes the graphics driver ro DX9, sets the resolution and fullscreen state, and disables frame smoothing. Nothing that even remotely sounds like it could cause blue haze, especially not the second time after the changes are made.

    Completely random guess: sometimes positional tracking can cause odd artifacts, so disabling that may be worth a try. Haven’t heard of anything like this in regard to ESO though.


    I get nothing rendering at all in DX9

    blue nothing screen rendering

    windows 10 latest everything

    only way I can get ESO working is get in game then launch desktop viewer DX11
    no mouse shows tho


    I have a very similar issue, except i get a white haze instead of blue. did you find a solution to this?


    I had to delete ‘UserSettings.txt’ for VORPX to display the game correctly again, set all of my options without VORPX enabled. Quit the game, then restart with VORPX enabled. I’ve not had the problem since.

    The only problem I have now, and one that prevents me from playing the game is that the FOV defaults to a low value every time I talk to an NPC…. it’s to annoying to have to constantly reset it. Anyone aware of a fix for that?

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