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    I wanna know if this game works right before I install it.


    I was just playing ESO in VR and despite there being no geometry 3d I assure you it is very playable and impressive with VorpX.

    The settings I changed were:
    3D Reconstruction – Z-normal
    Aspect Ratio Correction – Letterbox 1
    Image Zoom – 85
    Head Tracking as gamepad – Absolute

    Oculus Touch works well too.

    This is a beautiful game, this could be pretty addictive.

    It seems pretty great to me but if anyone can improve on these settings please post below.


    I play Eso with the profile of warhammer:endtime – vermintide.
    with that profile you have in z-normal and z-adaptiv a little better 3d effect.




    G3D mode does not work at all in this moment.
    Some users are requesting to re-add G3D to this profile since several patches ago,
    I recently added a request.
    Waiting to know something about it.

    Currently it works with z-buffer reconstruction,but limits many aspects in this particular game,the final experience is very different without G3D here,and the extra options remaining (GUI rescaled/3d fov enhancement,positional tracking possible)that provided us with This reconstruction.

    The only solutions I see is that Ralf retrieve the G3D again in this profile, or at least,do a job to try to get GUI rescaled,or some extra functions, manually or perhaps using DirectVR for a future update.


    The Morrowind expansion is coming out in June, so I’m really hoping we can get G3D support.


    True, that’s right!
    I wish request and my prayers be heard, for an effort to get G3D support very soon :)

    At this moment,I am raising my main character in the base game, with a view to this new expansion, and I must say, despite being a mmorpg, different from the others (TES) but the game improved in many respects To its beginning from the first days launch.Now allows freedom for leveling in areas, without the need for a specific level.

    I find it almost inevitable to remember or think constantly, as I walk by Tamriel, how much I would like at this moment, to be able to do all this leveling process, with the headset and G3D …


    ESO would be an awesome game to work in VR but I’m afraid with keyboard limitations in VR it makes it difficult to play and I find Vorpx completely messes up my mouse.



    eso works in G3D.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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