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    elder scrolls online continues to have problems with the new version of vorpx: the 3d effect is minimal and faded, and it is better to use the “warhammer vermintide” game profile to play online elder scrolls rather than the official profile …

    I’m a little disappointed by the new promises of the new vorpx: even quake4 and prey (2007) did not have the promised improvements


    DX11 TESO has Z3D, that what made clear in the changelog and nothing else was ever said anywhere. You should pester Zenimax to bring back DX9 support, the game had good Geometry 3D before they axed that. 😉

    Not sure what your issues may be with Prey 2007 and Quake 4, they work perfectly fine normally. If you installed them under C:\Program Files please make sure that you have write access to the game folders to ensure vorpX can change their config files.

    Alternatively try to install them somewhere else where Windows does not block write access per default.

    Also make sure to use the Steam versions of Quake 4/Prey 2007. Direct VR will probably not work on old CD versions (or versions you can ‘obtain’ on the internet).


    i had that problem where all 3 3d settings were the same flat then i switdched to windowed mode and got good 3d effect


    Sounds great, but Steam, or GoG, stopped selling Prey (2007) a while back. I’m having the same problem and tried both my original CD version and a copy ‘obtained’ from the internet. I would buy it if I knew where and that it would work. It’s strange as it works great (only DirectVR Rotational) but FOV is custom ini and is fine, and then randomly (too randomly) it goes bananas and is unplayable.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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