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    I would like to propose the game (elders scrolls online) as candidate for work dx11 with vorpx, get g3d in this title would complete the support for Bethesda titles of maximum interest with VR.
    In addition, there is an announcement for the launch of Morrowind expansion for 6 June 2017, and personally I really want to have this support in Vorpx even now.

    G3D, we would return some advantages in this title,for players who have powerful equipment,in addition to better 3d.
    For example,possibility to add a bit of extra FOV from the Vorpx menu,to extend a little distance between the camera and arms,also the HUD/GUI rescaling,and probably the function to activate or not positional tracking.

    Personally,I would not mind if it is necessary to disable or exclude any possible graphic effect incompatible with g3d,I think it could deserve the effort equally.
    I will include this request also in the Games Wish List,to formalize it in the corresponding section.

    -I have noticed that the game itself allows several important options,such as the following:
    Positive Data:
    -Possibility increase of (FOV) ingame.
    -Possibility of deactivation headbob in first person camera.
    -Possibility of hiding HUD and bar skills out of combat and more options.
    -Possibility to use gamepad including use of skills optionally.
    -“Possibility to support window mode,borderless”, and full screen.
    -All available ingame and also from game files.

    Negative Data:
    -Changing resolutions to get closer aspect ratios like 4:3 or 5:4 or 16:10 does not seem to have any effect on the narrowing size change…or I’m just going through some detail with this particular game.
    I have tried switching to borderless mode and full screen while changing different resolutions.Any ideas here?

    -It occurred to me to perform a test using the (strech mode) available in the vorpx internal menu,as a last option,but this is too narrow.
    It is probably a good idea to improve this mode,to make it a bit wider,
    And thus have a secondary option for some games or cases like this.
    I have always thought that having this option available together with letterbox modes 1 and 2 is a wise mode,but it is too narrow to take advantage of using it.

    -A retouch for this mode(in general),and the inclusion of a G3D profile for Elder Online scrolls,would simply be a brutal added improvement.

    PD:Before I say goodbye, I would like to take advantage of this thread,
    to dedicate 2 minutes to congratulate the great work done with the version Vorpx 17.2.0 and to thank the simple fact of being able to play some of my favorite games in vr.
    I am really enjoying a lot of changes in the last two versions,and the DirectVR functionality seems like a great success,a function with many possibilities and the right way to go now and in the future with new improvements.
    I also thank some of added profiles.

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