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    I’m aware that ED has native working VR via steam vr. The issue is the on foot portion of it. I want to purchase Vorpx to see if its possible to do VR with the on foot portion. I know I lose a lot of the native vr advantages but I rather just have the whole thing in VR rather than the 2D break out that is on foot. Has anyone successfully hooked Vorpx to Elite (2D into VR)?

    I’ve read a lot of the past posts but I’m super confused what is or isn’t possible.


    Elite Dangerous Odyssey
    just like the last two Tombraider Shadow games, it has support for native real geometric 3D …
    !!! … even with a 3D depth control for individually adjustable stereo 3D depth …

    Simply set Side by Side in the options … then set the depth of the room according to personal preferences … and you can start using a 3D projector or VR glasses …

    I think VorpX supports this native 3D in Side by Side … just needs to be set somewhere …
    I’m going to test this out today …

    Otherwise, Virtual Desktop is also possible if you press F6 or F7 for 3D … and F10 for a possible reversal of the eye dominance … i.e. when the left eye sees that of the right … so wrong 3D …

    In any case, VorpX works with Tombraider Shadow … then Elite Dangerous Odyssey will also work …

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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