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    Got this working using the 7 Days To Die profile (download it from the VorpX Cloud).

    Unfortunately, max FOV is 90° and can’t currently be increased, so FOV is narrower than on the monitor, but it’s nevertheless good fun. Oh – it’s also quite dark as is, so increase the brightness/gamma both in game and in the VorpX UI a bit.

    Headtracking works – but your path follows where you look, so if you look left when walking, you will move left. Didn’t really bother me, tbh.
    When you are on the motorbike or in a space ship, you can look around by pressing Alt, as in the 2D game, but by turning your head.

    Edge Peek works well, too – especially when rifling through your stuff in the inventory.


    I got it working- but the 3D didn’t work. The Z settings did nothing, and geometry mode was a mess. Did you get it to work 3D?


    Yes I did, it was really easy, too, using the default settings as a starter.

    Here is a video I made of the test:


    I can’t remember the exact settings that were used in VorpX, but I will check today and get back to you.

    It doesn’t have headtracking as such – it’s using mouse control for the view and your head takes over as the mouse axes.


    Nope – standard settings that you start with, just zoomed out a little via the VorpX GUI – otherwise just as mentioned in the video.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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