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    Endless Legend 64 Bit (G3D)

    Surprisingly good with G3D due to large UI option and really good legible fonts in Cinema mode with very high resolution. Disabled one shader for shadows and tweaked settings with very low 3D strength and low FOV for a nice clean look. Focal offset also adjusted for zoomed in view. Strategy game to be played in Cinema or Immersive mode. I am using the 64Bit executable, not sure if 32 Bit works. I suppose one can try.


    – Max out graphic settings (I have post processing disabled), try it
    – Ensure big UI option in game is selected
    – Use highest resolution you can since UI is scaled nicely

    Interesting 4X strategy game experience in G3D. Use my profile as a base and adjust to your liking. Profile uploaded to the cloud.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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