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    Used the default Rage profile to get geometry 3D working in ETQW. Looks pretty cool, but two issues I’m looking for info on how to fix up:

    1 (Minor, low priority) some shadows seem to render differently for each eye.

    2 (Major, high priority) the HUD seems to render with zero transparency, appearing as a big black box in the middle of the screen with a white crosshair in the middle. I can scale the HUD using the VorpX menu to shrink it a little, but even at the smallest possible setting, it is blocking a large portion of the centre of the view.

    Is there some way to extend the min-max settings for HUD scaling so that I can scale it into nothingness? Or is there a way to adjust the opacity of the HUD or some other way to turn it off entirely?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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