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    Hi Everyone

    Since a few days I have the problem that ESO is not working anymore with vorpx. The program starts, it also hooks but then the ESO window switches to the background (does not stay in the foreground) and the picture is lost. If i switch to the program it shows the vorpx is active but in the headset I only see the steam message “ESO”. The same behavior like I would Alt-Tab out and back of the program.

    Any advice?


    Please first check whether maybe something is different on your PC than it was a few fays ago. E.g. if you have some tool running that also hooks into games which wasn’t there before. If you happen to have the Windows system restore functionality enabled (unfortunately its off per default in Windows 10 for some reason), try to go back to a restore point from before the issue started to occur.

    Apart from that: running games windowed instead of fullscreen can often help with such issues.


    thank you. I have reverted to an older Nvidia driver and the issue is solved, thought i have other issues like bad fps after a while of playing.


    Still a pain in the ass. While other games are hooking fine, ESO doesn’t most of the time. Something must have changed since the last ESO patch. Mostly I need several Windows reboots to hook ESO. When it failed once, even a restart of mixed reality portal, voprx and steam vr does not change things. I have to complete restart the PC and hope.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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