ESO – jittery mouse rotation with the Blackwood drop?

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    Since the new version of ESO dropped last week (Blackwood), rotation using my mouse is very “jittery”, making turning (with mouse+KB) not smooth. At first, I thought it was performance related, so I dialed the ESO graphic settings way down, but it didn’t help. When I checked the SteamVR performance graph while playing (with my normal settings), it wasn’t showing any red at all (red indicates dropped frames). When I look around just using my head to pivot (not the mouse), rotation is smooth. So, it’s only rotation using the mouse that jitters, like it’s happening in little steps.

    The mouse also seems much more sensitive than it was prior to the drop. I’ve tried playing around with ESO’s camera settings for 1st person rotation speed, which “desensitizes” mouse movement, but also severely constrains how much I can look around by turning my head (to like 20 degrees when the sensitivity is dialed down to 10%.)

    Maybe this is an ESO function that VORPX can’t do anything about, but I thought I’d mention it, in case there is a fix. Thanks for the support!

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