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    I Have a Problem with ETS2. I got it working perfectly before. Very smooth gameplay and Headtracking. Everything worked perfect. Its one of the best VR games for me but there is no official Vive Support.

    I played with HTC Vive for 2 hours without Problems.

    But the next Time i want to start it, it doesnt work again. Checked every setting in Steam, Steam VR and VorpX but i have no Idea. One time it started after 10 -15 tries to start. Restarted Steam VR. Restarted PC, Restarted VorpX in every comination but no hooking. Vive shows only the Steam VR.

    It seems like it hooks only by random. Today i tried it for 1 hour without success. Creating DesktopIcon and staring as Admin hasnt fixed the Problem. Any Ideas?


    Was never tested here, so I can’t say anything definite, but it’s worth a try to create a vorpX desktop shortcut (vorpX tray icon right click menu) to the game’s main .exe. No guarantee for that to work, but these shortcuts can be more reliable than the auto detection in some cases.


    The user has stated they have already tried this in their post.


    @ DeltaChris : The game is not supported, so as stated above it might or might not work. BTW: There are several corporate videos on your company’s YouTube channel using vorpX for marketing your product. This requires a commercial license. Please contact support |at| vorpx com in this regard. Thanks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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