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    I can get it to hook on the first go, if you close and open it does not hook, turning on or off alternative hooking method seems to help or rebooting seems to help sometimes.

    windows mixed reality portal must be open before

    The Vorpx menu indeed could be brought up as well as CNTRL+ALT+SHFT i have been able to run the vorpx commands a few times but then they wont work again. Got pretty exited seeing them work but then could not replicate again. cycled through all the settings could

    did a few other things, turned off steam start, turned off other device drivers, unplugged them like tablet, and uninstalled Nvidia experience app. but was not able to replicate getting the menus back

    i thought running vorpx as admin would do it since i had the vorpX menus one time i did that but not the second. guess its just luck of the draw? but usually computer stuff is replica table of you know the sequence you did to make it work /boggle! maybe its something minor missing like an start option for vorpX?


    Seems like a compatibility problem, does it happen only in that game? Back when i got my HMD the pc i used didn’t have usb 3.0 ports so i bought a separate usb 3.0 pcie card and while it detected it i also had a few similar problems, most of which fixed themselves by rebooting most of the time.

    Specs of your pc? Need more information, Ralf will probably ask you to send a bug report to check if the problem is with vorpX or your pc.


    The way vorpX hooks into games is a bit time sensitive. Although I haven’t encountered that myself for quite a while, it’s not entirely impossible that there is still one or the other game where successful hooking appears to be seemingly random. Sounds a bit like that could be the case here.

    If you see the ‘Attaching To…’ dialog during an unsuccessful attempt, leave it open for a minute or so, it will then display some trouble shooting options. The first one (‘Install hook helper’) should be able to resolve timing related hooking issues.


    Thanks for support, pc is 9700K, win10

    It either boots with Vorpx splash or not at all it never says errors or mentions hook helper.

    Also noticed that only works with reverb not oculus quest 2 tried that one many times with and without Steam VR

    Is open XMR to be enabled default for current headset, i see that message come up in headset options when plugging in could this be an issue?


    I should mention the current Everquest client is free to download on steam if anyone wanted to test. its newer than the client I am using but seems to be behaving almost same in vorpX

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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