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    i am willing to pay the software price for everquest G3D working profile

    TimelordQ G3D profile doesn’t work anymore ( i read on one of hes post on youtube he cant quite touch the why it doesn’t work anymore *praise TimelordQ for hes work*) can anyone fix or make a new profile for G3D PLS!
    its like my kid dream come true living in eq !

    TimelordQ profile was wonderful and it was a blast every old school gamer like me who poop socket for eq like me younger should try G3D EQ trust me its a blast *your in your world now*

    soo what i know so far
    -they change directx 9c to 11

    -when i activate G3d only one side of the 2 lenses show something
    and that all my knowledge :(

    new TLP server Teek with free trade and random loot open this week and i want relive my eq gaming fantasy

    Please and thank you


    I think that the Z-normal version looks pretty good(?), though I have never seen EQ in G3D.


    thk for the reply
    z-normal vs G3D

    Its hard to describe as you know how VR 3d is, but, the difference is big. Its like playing on screen a game of chess or on a real chessboard. Players fight again a big dragon it was like a game of DnD come alive and happening in front of you, it was epic ! Its like seeing wax statue on picture 3d or in the museum in front of you ,that big it was for me.

    Yes i already used G3D and that why i know what am missing. You can solo group raid and all the gameplay can be different point of view is was reeaaly good l loved it !

    offer still open for who can make G3D work

    thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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