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    I purchased VorpX a few days ago and for some reason in every game i have tried VorpX on the games have a vertical black bar which flickers on the screen, this occurs in every scenario and i can not find its cause, ive tried custom resolutions but even then it happens. I was wondering if i am alone in having this issue. Any suggestions as to what the cause could be?


    Always a bit hard to guess without seeing anything, but what you describe sounds a lot like something that can happen when the GPU is overloaded. Please check your frame rate with [ALT][F]. Ideally both values should show 75fps (DK2). If the “Direct Mode FPS” drop below 75, you have to reduce graphics settings or resolution. This value has to be 75 at all times.

    Some more performance optimization hints can be found in according guide in the help.

    The next version should be more resilient to issues like this BTW, since the custom async timewarp that vorpX uses is now superseded by an async timewarp implementation in the Oculus driver, which can handle situations with heavy GPU usage quite a bit better.


    Ah, ok, i realised it was a bottleneck issue with my gpu, ive got a radeon r9 295×2 which had crosfire enabled, so once didabled i was able to use just one of the gpu and it worked much better.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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