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    Ok after no solution to my issue, i have another question…

    In excluded programs list, i see a few programs on it that are associated with my games, i even see oculus on this list. All of my games are steam/windows except Battlefield 4 which is origin. both steam and origin is on this list also.

    “Programs on this list will never load vorpX even if vorpX ‘thinks’ it might make sense to try”

    Im confused because I never touch the list, but there’s plenty of game oriented programs on there that are directly involved… What should I do? I get the same outcome for games. Sorry, we have trouble loading {game}.exe…

    Please help, i just want to experience my game library in VR…


    The programs that are listed in this list are game launchers, not the games themselves. They are not supposed to be hooked by vorpX.

    According to you your issue description (black screen plus sound), I’m 90% certain that games are hooking just fine for you but are running in the background.

    Please double and triple check whether you really used the ALT TAB method suggested earlier correctly. You have to do this similar to bringing any other program to front with ALT TAB.

    An alternative might be to click the game’s icons in the taskbar which might also bring them to front.

    I get back to your support request shortly, please allow it some time. Thanks.


    When its in the front, i hear the audio, when i click ALT-TAB it brings forward Oculus Home.

    And i just want to note the programs i see, they aren’t game exe. here’s a few:
    Virtual Destop.exe

    Those are the ones I seen and wondered why they were on there. if they should be, my apologies.. And as far as the support email, i understand you have many questions and help requested. So im ok with that…


    Please do not touch this list except for adding additional programs.

    All programs listed there are not supposed to be hooked by vorpX. If you remove the vrserver or OVR entry for example, you will cause major havoc.


    Ok, i was just wondering


    I am aware this is a Necropost, but I did search on the executable name (vrmonitor.exe) and found this post, and felt I should ask here.

    The aforementioned executable, attached to SteamVR, was NOT in my Exclude list by default, probably because when I first acquired SteamVR, I moved the install directory to my games drive (D:, as opposed to C:). But I was thinking, does it need to be there? From time to time I do get an error from vorpX that happens to block most input, saying it was having difficulty hooking into vrmonitor.exe – I guess that is my answer, but confirmation from Ralf or the community would be nice. :)

    Thank you again, Ralf and everyone, for an amazing product and the support you give!


    vorpX figures out the SteamVR folder on start and excludes everything below. Provided that works right you don’t need to add any SteamVR related files. Can’t hurt though, of course.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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