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    A Vive related question, not sure how to explain it correctly. I have a problem where exiting a game that I play with VorpX puts me in a bright white enviroment. What usually happens with other applications is that SteamVR Home loads after exiting. Sometimes the same white environment can be seen for less than a second before the Home loads.
    This environment can not be changed and it seems this is what is supposed to be shown after exiting a game. But it is suposed to be for a very short time, almost invisible for the user. However exiting VorpX keeps that environment.
    The problem is that it is really bright – aggressive and migraine inducing. It is really unpleasant when resuming playing as you stare at it while the game starts. Also I’m not sure it is healthy for the headset to show it for longer. So I started exiting SkeamVR completely when taking a break which is pretty annoying to do every 30 minutes or so.

    So the question is am I doing something wrong and is there a way to make SteamVR Home to load as intended?


    You can try doing this: instead of exiting the game via the in-game exit method try bringing up the Vive menu and click the power icon in the left lower corner and exit game this way. I use it this way and it takes me to home most times. If that doesn’t send you there automatically, just click the steam VR button and it should send you to home now. You could also try setting the display to turn off after some time to help save the screen.


    I read your reply in my email and forgot to come here and say thanks.

    So, thanks for the idea, it works :-)

    Funny enough it keeps working without using the controller after I have used it once (even if the game crashes) until the PC restart.


    I checked this today, but so far was completely unable to replicate the behavior. It usually takes a few seconds before the Steam VR Home environment shows here, but never longer that ~5 secs. or so – regardless how a game is exited.


    Hmm, I guess it is something related to my setup. Thanks.


    Found the reason, it is because of the ENB injector. I promise to test with vanilla game before posting like this in the future.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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