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    Been using a new computer rig with Oculus Rift dk2 for 3 weeks now, everything ran perfectly until I installed Vorpx. Here’s a rough description:

    intel core i7 cpu
    32gb ram
    GeForce gtx 980 (latest drivers)
    Oculus Rift Dk2 (latest drivers)
    windows 8.1 (latest updates)

    Installed VorpX, selected a game in the VorpX config panel and ticked the run in administrator mode. After that the system started going unstable, freezing 4 times in a period of 2 hours (had to manually reset the OS) during games and even in the desktop without any games running.

    It went so bad with the freezing and resetting that it caused errors in the booting sectors and the system was unable to get into the OS. I ended up repairing those booting errors in safe mode and uninstalling VorpX completely, everything went back to normal after that.

    Do you have any suggestions ?

    Honestly I am afraid to install VorpX again and damage my hardware.


    vorpX doesn’t do anything unless it is running. It’s not a driver in the sense of a system driver and it certainly does not access your boot sector in any way. So this almost certainly was a coincidence, otherwise you probably would read quite a few similar reports here.

    BTW: I would generally advise against running vorpX as admin. Almost all games run without admin rights. Admin rights for vorpX are only necessary in those rare cases where a game needs admin rights.


    As I said after I installed VorpX my games started crashing or freezing (tried Fallout New Vegas and GTA V) and my OS goes unstable. I uninstalled it and have been without resets or crashes for 8 hours straight.

    Don’t you think it could be something VorpX is doing in the background ?

    Or at least incompatibilities with software already running ? I’ve seen people reporting issues with antivirus software for example.


    Honestly, how many reports of vorpX destroying boot sectors do you see here? When vorpX does not run, it does nothing, and when it runs, all it does in the background is checking whether DirectX programs are started. If you don’t run it as admin, which isn’t necessary, it can’t even hook into system services/programs.


    I didn’t say VorpX directly destroyed my boot sectors, I said that after installing it, freezes and crashes started happening which I had never experimented before, If a piece of software is constantly freezing your system it could potentially cause errors in the disk or even damage your hardware.

    And as I said I had it running in administrator mode for GTA V.

    Could be that other software which I have installed is incompatible with VorpX but for sure I’m not going to find a solution here.

    Thanks for answering anyway


    You do not need to run vorpX as admin for GTA V.


    but for sure I’m not going to find a solution here.

    Why do you think that? If anything this is the place to try to get legitimate questions and issues with vorpX solved. Key words in play there…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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