Eyes swapped on my DK1 with vorpX 9.0?

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    I was very excited when vorpX 9 came out and I had hope to start using it right away, but for every single game that i try to play, the right eye is where the keft eye should be and vice versa. How in the world do i fix this?


    Apparently there is an issue with the DK1 and vorpX 0.9. Will be looked into. For now please send a mail to support |at| vorpx com to get an older vorpX version for your DK1.


    Hello, i have a same issue. + a lot of different problems, like:
    vorpx hooked (GTAV.exe) files didnt work = vorpx cant work with my drivers and files setup.
    And i have a QUATION:
    How properly install OCULUS SDK + OCULUS RUNTIME. In witch folder i must put SDK with O.RUNTIME? Same folder?

    I tryed a lot of things. Deleted all drivers, trying to install them in different sequences…

    Oculus DK1, Windows 8.1

    P.S. Oculus Demos, SDK world demo, and Conf.Util demo works almost perfect.


    Hi Guys – It is a problem with VorpX and the DK1 (Ralf is working on it)

    We have to wait til the next update to correct this, in the mean time roll back to an older version (of VorpX) until it is corrected.

    Changing about your SDK or runtimes wont have any effect

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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