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    Hello, I thought to start a seperate thread as other might have similar issues.

    I am really curious to get these titles to work, hence I explain my Problems in Details and hope we can get them to work with the great Support from Ralph.

    Unfortunately I am still not able to run the Vorpx config as I only see a transparent window Frame but cant see any Option to choose.
    I am running Win 7 with the latest .Net 4.5.2 which was fresh reinstalled.

    All other DK2 Demos and games like LFS, ETS2 are working fine.
    SDK 0.4.1 installed and Rift has latest 2.11 Firmware.

    Just to be in synch on terminology:
    1. Headtracking = looking left, right, up and down in car
    2. Positional tracking = leaning backwards and Forward in car

    I can open the Vorpx help file and here is my current work flow to get the F1 games to work. Perhaps I am making something wrong and you can advise.

    1. Starting VorpX. I can see it running as in the right bottom Corner , I can see the VorpX Icon. I can open the help and can stop and Launch the Service. No error Messages as well.
    2. Due to my “transparent” config window issue, I assume Vorpx running in defaul config
    3. I set my DK2 Monitor to Portrait mode in the Win Settings
    4. I set my DK2 Monitor to Primary, with the effect that I can see the main win Screen on my DK2. But Screen is disjointed. I assume that is normal.
    5. by closing on eye I can see a part of the Screen and the Icons to choose the F1 games. Both games running from Steam
    6. Launching the game works, but again very disjointed. By closing one eye and knowing which Option to choose ;-) I start a race
    7. I sit in the car and Looks like correct FOV as I am in the car BUT disjointed. Closing one eye gives me a part of the Screen, but opening both eyes, no Chance to see anything to work with
    8. Headtracking not working
    Positional tracking not working

    Hope this explains the “starting” Position to get the programs to work and help others to get them working.

    Thanks for your help already and looking Forward to get it to work


    I tried different things further but I am still not able to get it to work.

    I have tried this morning with AC as well and similar issues. I am not able to get VorpX running.

    These is a summary of the issues and will update once solved.
    1. Vorpx config window not working. Seeing only a transparent window Frame
    2. Cockpit view for F1 201x and even AC disjointed, meaning I can see the Cockpit in each view but if both eyes are opening, the Pictures are not matching
    3. headtracking not working
    4. Position tracking not working



    vorpX only provides head tracking in games with mouselook per default. Positional tracking is Skyrim only currently.

    You can setup vorpX to act as gamepad on the input page of the ingame menu for some head tracking in F1 2013 and similar games, but that’s not the best option. It’s better to use an external program like OpenTrack (which might not be DK2 ready yet though). Unfortunately we can’t implement similar TrackIR emulation due to legal reasons.

    If you use Windows 8, please check the Windows 8 sticky in the general forum section.


    Thanks, Ralph, for the answer.
    I am running Win 7

    Currently my aim would be to have a good Cockpit view first and then I have a look into the tracking.

    Currently if I am in the cockpit the Picture of the left and right are not creating on Picture.
    What can that be ?
    If I see correctly then it I could look at the next challenge regarding head tracking


    Hi SvenH,

    I found this write up on a French site on how to get vorpx working with opentrack for full positional tracking.

    As well it details how to modify the F1 2012 camera files to get a view that is not so close to the wheel when on cockpit view, he even includes a few samples in a link.

    You can use Google Translate to translate the web page. Highly recommended.



    I just tried your tip
    You made my day ;-)
    I am still having Problem to get VorpX working butI was able now to get the Opentrack working and following the guide explained , it is working now.
    I can play now different games using the rift for head tracking and using the virtual Desktop to see the game on the rift.
    Hope there will be another VorpX Version soon to test again
    But thanks a lot


    Instead of opening a new thread, I’ll post here.

    I recently bought Vorpx and have been wanting to get F1 2012 set up and nothing seems to be working.

    I run Vorpx and then start F1 and I get a dialogue box that has me click okay and the screen is split like it should be, but when I get in the car, the view is all the way to the left, or right, and changing the controller to absolute or relative doesn’t fix anything.

    I’ve tried that French link and that didn’t work for me, I don’t have any head tracking, and I’ve read other solutions that say to join the mouse look to the Rift input, but I have no idea how to do that. Can someone point me in the right direction, or help?

    I have Win 7, 64 bit. I’ve tried with the Rift as the primary display, or secondary, makes no difference. It is set to portrait and the resolution is 1920×1080 at 75h.


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