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    F1 2012 crashes after clicking on the profile to go to the main menu.


    i have the same issue :( .

    When Vorpx is on, F1 2012 don’t start. Many Times, i see the first loading screen and the game close automatically. other times it do the same thing but i have it with a steam error message like the game is already running. In the last case, it’s not possible, the message can appears just a restart of the computer. The game is not in processes.

    Have you an idea please?


    sorry waiting too…same thing here with f1 2013. vorpx will be updated in the next few days hope this fix the steam game crashes for f1 and saints row


    Many, hopefully most of these Steam crashes on startup will be solved in the first update (due sometime next week). This is most likely caused by a conflict between the Steam copy protection and the way vorpX ‘hooks’ into games. The strange thing is that it affects different games on different machines. Some don’t have it at all, others can’t start multiple games. Pretty nasty issue, but who knows exactly what Steam does…

    I’m quite confident though that the coming update solves this in most, if not all cases.


    yes, i forgot to mentionned it, but i have the problem with f1 2012 and f1 2013 too.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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