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    Well I have now almost given up with this :(

    I cannot for the life in me get F1 2014 (steam Version) working with my vive and VorpX. it works perfectly with steam Theater and open track. But everytime I try with VorpX I cannot even start the game.

    I have disabled steam theater mode

    is this even possible to get working on the Vive???


    What happens when you try to run it? What errors do you get?


    Nothing happens…….

    I get the message from Steam that the game isn’t meant for VR and could affect performance.

    Then the taskbar icon appears.. then I get a steam warning message that the couldn’t be loaded because of a error, with the options to check out some Q&A.

    the game works flawlessly in desktop theater mode, and normally. Just not with Vorpx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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