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    I am trying vorpx with F1-2020. I have a 2080 and can play F1 with a good framerate (90) on 3 monitors QHD. However thats with DLSS, which helps significantly. I can play it on high setting then. With another aa method I need lower settings.
    I was hoping to play it on my G2 Reverb, but as soon as the opening screen starts the framerate of the game drops to 45 fps.

    One thing I found is that Steam VR somehow picks up a wrong resolution for the G2 reverb. The per eye resolution it mention is way to high. For example if I want to play beatsaber, I have to lower it to 50%. Then it runs smooth.
    So I was wondering is there a resolution problem also for vorpx with the G2 Reverb?

    Anyway, I am stuck at the moment. I did notice that Nvidia DLSS breaks one eye, so I had to switch it off.
    For now Vorpx is not useable for me.

    Do you think my 2080 is just too slow for this? I hoped with running all settings on low that it would maybe work. I certainly would not have expected 45 fps on the opening screen.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Best regards,



    If you haven’t done that already, please first try setting the game’s graphics details to low or medium like suggested by the hint shown in the top left corner of the game window. 45fps are perfectly fine though, in that case every other frame gets interpolated either by vorpX or SteamVR, so the headset still displays 90 in the end.

    The important resolution with a high impact on performance is the resolution the game runs with, not the SteamVR resolution. SteamVR resolution and game resolution are not the same thing with vorpX. It handles the SteamVR resolution on its own, you don’t have to care about that.

    BTW: Currently getting more than 45fps with a WMR headset would require steady 90fps since with SteamVR WMR headsets can’t really handle uneven framerate ratios. Hence vorpX caps the framerate to 45fps unless it’s sure that full 90fps are possible. That will change shortly with the next vorpX version, which gets rid of SteamVR for WMR headsets by supporting the OpenXR VR runtime.


    Thank you for your response. I did set the settings to low. That did not matter. The strange thing is it already happens in the menu screen. When I move my head, the whole menu screen stutters. I imagine no heavy rendering is taking place then.

    I actually set all performance related settings as low as possible. Both in the Nvidia settings, as well as the F1-2020 settings. Just to be sure.

    Anyway, if I understand it correctly, with 45 fps, I should be able to move my head without seeing those stutters? At least thats not the case for me.

    Best regard, Rene


    The menu appears to stutter at 45fps when you move your head because it is fixed to your view. If that is an issue for you, switch to EdgePeek mode while using menus (mouse wheel or right thumbstick click). In EdgePeek mode vorpX temporarily switches to a screen view, which is more comfortable for using menus, watching cutscenes etc. anyway.

    During the actual game the headset/camera rotation gets interpolated either by vorpX or SteamVR during the 45>90fps conversion.


    Just an FYI on this one, Ralf

    The new update seemed to (almost) fix this (F1 19… not sure about F1 20)

    The problem myself and others had where the fps would drop dramatically in G3D (ie. 5-10fps) is gone, so long as I don’t use ‘direct mode async render=off’. (async off makes it slow to a crawl of 5fps or thereabouts).

    There is still something funny going on with the sync to the Reverb G2 though. Because it ‘feels’ like a low frame rate even though it’s not. No matter how much I lower all the settings and resolution, I get a sort of double vision when anything’s moving. And it’s consistently like this at all resolutions and settings.


    Can’t replicate any of that for the life of me. 2019 crashes on my main dev box on start currently (with or without vorpX), but I just checked 2020 and it runs as great as always. My usual test is starting a race event with full grid. Except for the start with everyone in front of me I pretty much get stable 90fps with G3D at 1440p and with roughly medium graphics details. Looks great, feels great as well.

    That’s with a 3080 though, so obviously a fast machine. But on my 1080 test box the F1 games run also fairly well. Should be absolutely no problem to run these games at least with stable 45fps on a decent PC.

    The only thing I can really recommend is resetting the vorpX profile to default and using either the low or medium detail presets provided by the game without adjusting anything manually. Also make sure to let vorpX audjust the game’s settings in case you disabled that.


    All good, Ralf.

    F1 2020 is pretty cheap nowadays. Might give that a shot when it’s on sale.

    BTW… Titanfall2 is INCREDIBLE now.

    The gun fov fix is a game changer. Brilliant!

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