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    hello guys !

    i’d like to try F1 2020 on my Valve index using vorpX.

    my steamVR is set to supersampling 150 % “2468 x 2740” by eye.

    my monitor is 2560 x 1440 full screen mode.

    i’d like to know the best setting i have to use on my monitor in order the game works fine with F1 2020 using best quality in the headset.

    i’d like to know also if a “low” resolution on the monitor will give “low” resolution in the headset (or the same), i’m a newbie vortX user. VorpX acts like a “copy/paste” of the resolution of windowed game on the monitor or re-calculate resolution according to the headset ?

    thank you a lot !


    Yes, the resolution set in the game options is the one you have to care about. SteamVR supersampling is of no concern, vorpX takes care of that itself depending on the resolution the game runs with.

    Typically something like 1440p or so is a good compromise between performance and image quality. Only go higher if there is enough headroom performance wise.

    BTW: On nVidia GPUs you can add custom resolutions to your PC that are higher that the ones your monitor can display. The custom resolutions section in the vorpX help has a step-by-step guide.


    thank you Ralf ! i let 1440p on my monitor and i set graphic settings to “superior”, not ultra because i got “only” 35 FPS in the headset. now i have more than 45 FPS so it’s fine and fluid.

    thank you for the tip “custom resolution”. good thing to know.

    Best regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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