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    I’ve been trying to get Vorpx working with F1 2021, using an Oculus Quest 1 via Oculus link.

    If I set my headset in Oculus mode in Vorpx configuration, the game loads and plays fine, however the TrackIR view is often facing the wrong direction. If I try to reset it (either through the vorpx in-game menu or with the alt+space shortcut), the game alt+tabs out (so the view freezes in the headset). If I then try to tab back into the game, it crashes with an error message saying that Oculus is not supported for DX12 and to use SteamVR. This same tab out + crash error occurs if I try to switch mode from Full VR to Immersive Screen.

    I tried changing my headset to SteamVR mode as the error indicated I should do, however the game now crashes to desktop whenever I try to start any race/time trial (the menu is fine, selecting time trial shows the loading screen for a bit before CTD). I’ve tried launching SteamVR before the game/vorpx but this made no difference.

    Is there any way to fix these crashes? When vorpx is facing me in the right direction it’s a great experience, but I can’t get it to work consistently at the moment. Any help would be much appreciated :)


    Still haven’t managed to get this working, any help?


    SHouldn’t happen, but whenever you experience an issue like this, running a game windowed or ‘borderless fullscreen’ usually is a good workaround.


    Thanks Ralf, “Fullscreen (Windowed)” fixed the crashes I was having in Oculus mode (SteamVR mode still crashes, but that doesn’t matter since Oculus mode works).

    Works great with these settings if anyone else is trying it out:
    In game – Fullscreen (Windowed)
    * Immersive Screen mode (FullVR you can’t see some crucial HUD elements while driving, such as the radio menu. Most info is shown on the wheel in cockpit mode, but there is still some you need the HUD for)
    * Turn down 3D strength from default 2.0 to 1.0 (Reduces the distortion around the halo column, or where the column would be if you have it turned off. Can turn it down even further if this is still an issue for you)
    * TrackIR on in both VorpX and in-game, allowing you to look into corners and check your wing-mirrors

    Still tweking it a bit (looking to the far edges, for mirrors for example, is a bit disoritenting and seems to lag a bit for some reason), but overall a good experience now!


    Only thing I’ve found annoying is that there are edge issues on the halo post if you hide it, which makes looking in front very difficult.
    On another note, what resolution/quality settings are you running in game. My rig (3080) can handle 4k no problem on many games with vorpx, but with this game it goes crazy if I set that resolution.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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