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    I’m trying to get Falcon 4 BMS to work with VorpX but so far, all attempts have been unsuccessful. I’m using a HTC Vive on an i5 6600K, GTX 980Ti, 16GB RAM, Win10. I’m using Falcon BMS 4.33.2 and GeForce driver v376.33.

    I’ve turned off the SHARE and GAMESTREAM settings on the GeForce Experience, turned off FRIENDS and MESSAGES notifications in Steam, set the message window to NEVER flash, disabled the STEAM OVERLAY, and I turn off all other programs (Origin, GoG Launcher, HWiNFO, Gaijin, Dropbox, Spybot S&D resident).

    In the game, I’ve set FOV to 120 and have verified this is applied on a non-3D instance of the game. There are a few .dll files in the .exe directory, but these are game-installed dlls as far as I can tell (dbghelp.dll and GMPrint.dll); I don’t use SweetFX.

    The game works when using Virtual Desktop but unfortunately, I cannot get it to “go 3D” properly plus there is no head tracking at all. When using VorpX, the 2D menus are easily accessed via the Edge Peek settings but when going into the 3D world, the screen (both in the Vive and on my monitor) just goes black. I know the game is being ran in the background as I eventually hear my aircraft’s engines, but there is no picture at all.

    Please include Falcon BMS in the list of supported games, but in the meantime, are there any other things I can try to get this game to work with VorpX?

    Thanks in advance for any help and a Happy New Year to all!


    Waiting for this too :/


    I think it would’ve been better and easier if Falcon just crashed upon going into the cockpit; it’ll be easier to say “it doesn’t work” and just leave it at that. However, after trying different settings and TEs, Falcon *DOES* work, it just doesn’t display any video output at all!


    I was thinking there could maybe be a way to make this work by creating a profile – BUT! VorpX configuration tool says that the profile for “Falcon BMS” already exists. But it doesn’t? Ralph wtf? Is there a profile that is not listed but WIP?


    I was able to get Falcon to play in a manner similar to Virtual Desktop, but not in the way it was intended.

    I use OpenTrack 2.3.0 for my Head tracking. I set the Input to Oculus Rift Runtime 1.4.0 and Output to freetrack 2.0 Enhanced.

    I then open Oculus Home.

    Then I open vorpX Desktop. In the vorpX configuration I add the Falcon BMS 64 bit executable to the “Excluded Programs” list.

    I then open the Falcon launcher. In the config for Falcon I turned on the “Hardware-External Dispalys-Cockpit Displays to External Windows”. Also in the Cockpit Display Extraction menu, I made sure the Main window was set to 0 Left and 0 Top.

    I was then able to enter the UI and the 3D world using vorpX. It has way more latency than using Virtual desktop in my opinion, but I wanted to see if I could get it to work.


    Ralf! at least give an explanation why there’s a hidden profile for BMS? It also blocks making a new profile as the exe is already associated with the profile that can not be seen.


    I tried to get this to work, but still, no joy. Maizpan, I assume you have a Rift? Or do I have to use Rift Runtime and Oculus Home even on a Vive?

    If I exclude the BMS .exe, the game does not show up in VR at all. If I don’t exclude the .exe, the 2D menu shows up but as before, I only get the black screen when in the 3D cockpit.

    I have gotten BMS to work successfully, but that was in Virtual Desktop with OpenTrack, and only in a single-monitor config.


    Scratch that; I was able to get BMS to work in Virtual Desktop with OpenTrack on a widescreen 5896×1080 res configuration but BMS had to wokr in “windowed” mode.


    I’m waiting for this too.


    Waiting for too (and if possible Strike Fighter…. :) )
    The RV would give Falcon a new youth.
    Except graphically,Falcon has not been equaled, he deserves this option.


    Also waiting on this


    Hi and sorry in advance for necroposting but has anyone been successful running Falcon 4 BMS with VorpX at all?
    I believe the engine is still based on DX9 which is likely not ideal.

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