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    Wondering if nay one can help with this “oh so close” issue. When I’m able to get into the DX11 3d world of Falcon BMS (a community mod of Falcon 4.0), Vorpx does great with running it! However, getting in to and out of the actual game environment is very hard due to UI crashes.

    The UI portion of the flight sim is need for flight planning and debrief, saving of your progress, etc. Unfortunately, this is part of the game’s code that dates back to 1998 basically while pretty much everything else with the 3d engine has changed (like DX11 support). The UI isn’t part of the 3d world and it’s native resolution is 1024×768 to give you an idea of how old it is. All of my crashes to desktop using Vorpx is in the UI and it happens about 80% of the time within a few seconds to minutes of being in the UI and then it crashes another ~80% the time exiting the 3d world to the UI, resulting in the vast majority of missions you fly not being counted.

    Does anyone know of strategies used in other games like this that have different UI structure than the 3d game world itself? Thanks!

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