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    Hello everyone,

    I managed to launch Fallout 3 goty using Vorpx, and the rendering is quite impressive.

    I set the FOV to 120 and it looks great.

    Now, the problem is that I cannot use the pipboy.

    For some reason, the mouse pointer is never on the same button on the left image and on the right image, so that I cannot use the bottom menus. The only thing I can do is to close one eye and navigate using arrows, but this only helps me navigate in the currenly selected button.

    Even changing the pipboy fov to 80 did nothing (well, yes it did, I now see it better, but still cannot use buttons). The alt-mousewheel does not seem to work. I did not find any navigation mod on NMM. I tried Enhanced camera mod on NMM, and I now see my body, which is an improvement, but the pipboy is still unusable, even after changing the fDlgFocusOverride to 15. And I tried changing some random values ingame using delete, but it did nothing useful.

    So, I tried to find solutions, but none of them worked, so if you know anything that works and that I haven’t tried yet, please please tell me.

    Thanks :)


    I got myself the response, so I put it here for others, if needed.

    Well, if I just press middle mouse button, I go into edge, so I can actually press the pipboy buttons.

    By the way, in my case, the best rendering is using geometry 3D at 0.30. Above that value, the gun just looks duplicated.

    Problem solved. Thanks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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