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    Fallout 3 GOTYE steam edition is crashing upon starting/continuing game again with the new update. Ran fine with the prior version after applying Ralf’s Win10 fix. I notice there is no option that I can see for the Win10 fix in the new version. I assume it’s now automatic…but no go on my system.


    The Windows 10 fix is automatically aplied when the game is started. The same is true for everything that the game optimizer did before this release. It is now integrated in the core app.

    FO3 specifically: incidentally I checked the game earlier today to do the hotfix linked above. All I can say is that there definitely is no general issue with the game. What you could try is checking the “Never change any game settings” checkbox in the config app. That’s the only thing that has really changed in regard to FO3 from the last release.


    I’ve tried the option you suggested and no change. Also tried running voprx as administrator…no change. Uninstalled Fallout 3 and reinstalled Fallout 3…still crashing. Giving up for now. Plenty of other games to play.


    I have never managed to run FO3 with Windows 10. One thing you can try is NVAC – it is under FONV but the description says it works with FO3 also.
    My solution was to install TTW and play FO3 that way. It is not as scary as it seems.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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