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    Hi, i use steam version of fallout 3 with mouse&keyboard
    Before the scan i was able to use my mouse&keyboard normally

    When i use the direct vr scan it corrects everything as it should,
    But with one side effect… i cannot Move Up or Down with my mouse (locked)
    well i sort of can move but it forces to the center of the screen.
    when i disable head tracking or direct vr memory i was able to use my mouse again.
    Witch is bad with the Fov…

    Using headset ”odyssey+”
    i looked everywhere about it but no luck…


    Forgot to mention,
    the only look up and down is OFF.


    If you have a gamepad connected to your PC, please disable it in the Fallout 3 options menu. The game only allows either mouse/keyboard or gamepad input. Not both at the same time.

    vorpX overrides the gamepad before running the DirectVR scan since in that case it emulates a mouse for head tracking. After the scan that isn’t necessary anymore, so the gamepad override the gets disabled. When that happens while you have the gampad enabled in the Fallout 3 options, the game disables the mouse like it would without vorpX.

    TLDR: After running the DirectVR scan Fallout 3 behaves like it would without vorpX, so you have to disable the gamepad in the game options if you want to play with mouse and keyboard.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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