Fallout 3 Vorpx in 2023 – what are some must-have or must-avoid mods?

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    Disco Machine

    Hello I’m a total Vorpx noob who purchased the program just a couple days ago. For my first game I want to play Fallout 3 GOTY (which I last played way back in 2009 on PS3) with a bunch of mods (through Vortex) that hopefully will make the experience better in VR.

    I finally got the game running pretty well on my new 4080 PC (Quest 2 through Virtual Desktop) in 90hz which seems to get rid of most of the weird warp stutter I experienced on 120hz. Playing in Full VR G3D on Phenomenal graphic setting.

    Now I’m looking for advice on the best mods for playing the game in VR, and perhaps also advice on what mods to avoid in case they should be game-breaking in Vorpx. That’s where you experienced Vorpx Vault Hunters hopefully enter the equation!

    I’ve been looking at Nexus collections like “Rebirth+” and “Vanilla But Kinda Better” and just taking whatever mods I feel like from there. I think I’ll avoid TTW for now. Nexus collections are here:


    Mods I’ve installed so far: FOSE, Command Extender, ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated, Updated Unofficial F3 Patch, F3 Tic Fix… just basic stuff to get it running. I tried RH Iron Sights but didn’t like how gigantic the weapons became while aiming and the annoying swaying.

    I would greatly appreciate any help! Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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