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    Vive – Vorpx

    So, two issues:

    First issue – New

    After a week break or so from FO4, I started up a fresh game and I’m finding this weird issue where it keeps moving the camera from normal to seven feet zoomed in, instantly back to normal, back to zoomed in. It happens when I use scopes or workshops, and I haven’t changed anything since I played like a week ago. I know they updated their runtime but does anyone know what caused this or what a fix would be? Assuming that’s what changed, but I dunno. I’d really hate to think they’re purposely throwing a wrench in how their game works so it screws over Vorpx to force people to buy their VR version of the game, because I’m interested in the mod scene.

    Second issue – Longstanding Issue

    My eyes seem to be rendering shadows separately? Out of one eye someone will have a shadow across their face, and out of the other eye their face will be completely lit up. It’s very jarring, any idea how to fix this?


    Why are you using Vorpx when fallout 4 VR full VR support for both the rift and vive? They recently updated the beta branch and the touch controls work perfectly just like with SkyrimVR.

    I honestly wouldn’t bother with fallout 4 with vorx, it runs terribly with vorpx in geometry3d unless you are using zbuffer 3d mode. I dig vorpx, but if the games are out there with Native VR support that’s a no-brainer.

    If you don’t have the money I apoligize, but it’s best to wait in that case for a sale than spoil it.


    @ devin : Almost certainly related to Direct VR overriding the game’s FOV. You could either disable Direct VR temporarily with a hotkey (check the config app, can’t remember the default hotkey currently) or disable the Direct VR FOV in the vorpX menu and set it manually instead in by typing “fov 112 112” (without the quotes) into the game’s console. The console is opened withe tilde key (the key below ESC).

    BTW: I would suggest to change your display name here on the forum to something other than your e-mail address to prevent spam bots from being able to read it. You can change the display name in your profile settings.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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