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    Hello, thanks for making vorpX, I’m not sure how long you could just live in oculus home before getting bored. I am trying to get FO4 running using the rift CV1 and vorpX 16.2.0, here is where I am at:

    Rift working OK – no issues, can do all the usual VR things through oculus home ect.
    I have managed to get the vorpX desktop viewer working OK. very nice for movies.
    Set-up FO4 through the vorpX interface, and set up the profile.
    Disabled windows defender, and have added all the voprX .exe’s to Malwarebytes exclusions and even turned it off.
    In the windows services I have disabled anything that I have seen recommended to be off for vorpX.
    Reduced from 3 to 1 monitor.
    Disabled all MODS for FO4.
    Created a vorpX shortcut also.

    So when I launch from Steam the pre-loader window opens, when I click on play the load window disappears, then comes back, and so on.

    When I access the FO4 exe directly I get the long permissions error.

    I have been looking at this on and off most of the weekend, but with no luck. Am I looking for a needle in a haystack? or have others had issues similar to mine?

    Thanks for your help with this in advance… Cheers

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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