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    First off let me say how much I am enjoying the new update. 17.1.x is great and the new Direct VR function is really a vast improvement. The only issue I am currently having is that my scopes no longer zoom in on my rifles. The image changes to a appropriate cross-hair and whatever “vision” (nightvision, etc.) but there is no zoom effect. I’m using Oculus Rift CV1. Anyone else having this issue?


    That’s an interesting observation. Since Direct VR overwrites the FOV, it’s quite liekly that the FOV change initiated by the game for the scope view gets ignored, respectively overwritten by the Direct VR FOV.

    There might be no other solution to that than a hotkey to temporarily disable the Direct VR FOV. I’ll look into it and will see what can be done. I have a vague idea for a smarter solution, but have to try it before I can say whether it might work (or not).


    Thanks Ralf.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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