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    They are releasing a new update tomorrow which adds NPCs and new story and quests. Reviews say it plays like a real RPG now. Basically revamps the entire game from the start.


    I have been waiting for a chance to jump back into 76 for a bit, maybe now is finally the time. Hope G3D still works :)


    Fingers crossed. Let me know if it doesn’t.


    Seems to still work fine. Although I end up playing on znormal just for performance reasons.


    Anyone have any tips on their setup?

    It runs pretty smooth with a couple issues that could use some tweaking…

    Only half the pip-boy appears even with edge peak.

    Sometimes the controls lock up until I switch to desktop and click on the window… I had a similar problem with Bioshock Infinite and switching to full screen helped there I think but doesn’t seem to be working here.

    There have also been several times where I got the spinning hourglass, but that may have been resolved after I reset SteamVR. Have to play some more tonight to see for sure.


    fallout 76 runs good with vorpx?


    I have a 3080Ti and Ryzen 7 5800x and i can play in G3D with medium settings, but if you have a mainstream PC i would advice you Z3D. I even have to set borderless window and the Windows Desktop to a 4:3 Resolution (the game settings still shows 1080p). Increase even the FOV ! To play it with a Xbox Controller use the customized user profile in the vorpx-config-tool.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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