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    This past weekend, prior to today’s update, I have been playing Fallout 76 in Geometry 3D mode.

    Today, after installing the update, Geometry 3D looks the same as No 3D Reconstruction, with the exception that lighting effects and shadows shift location slightly, as if it’s trying to work but doesn’t properly kick in.

    Z-Normal and Z-Adaptive work as before.

    Perhaps the update changed some settings?
    Or, is there a change that stopped Geometry working?

    Appreciate any troubleshooting steps you can recommend.


    I’d be interested to know how you even run the game acceptably in G3D. I just got an RTX 3080 12gb card, paired with an i9 9960X and 32gb of ram and I could barely ever get above 45-50 fps in busier areas (and sometimes lower than that, depending).

    (Sorry I’m not any help, but at least it’s a thread bump, heh.)


    Using “Decent” settings on a 3090. In-game FPS a little higher but not by a lot. So long as it stays over 45 the SteamVR motion compensation seems to keep the headset FPS stable enough for play but more FPS would be better.

    One way you could help is to confirm if G3D works for you at all after the latest update.

    I.E., is it just me, or did something in the game engine change to break VorpX G3D.


    So, the weird thing is, a week or so after I posted this it was back to working properly in G3D.

    But last week, same thing happened: no more G3D, it just acts like flat.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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