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    In FNV I find the centre of the hud/crosshair to be angled way too high for where I wear my headset. I’m constantly having to tilt my head down to keep the horizon “level”.
    Is there any way to lower the angle it sets the crosshair too? I haven’t been able to find any mods outside of vorpx to help either.


    You can switch to immersive screen mode and there is a setting to tilt display in vorpx in-game settings


    When you run the DirectVR scan, make sure to look straight ahead. Although I don’t recall Fallout:NV to be among them, in a few games that may be important to get the horizon calibrated right.


    Doing that does make my natural resting position line up with the crosshairs but now the entire top of the screen is wasted by not being full 3d and having the screen tilted. If fullVR let you tilt in exactly the same way it’d be perfect.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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