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    Fallout New Vegas isn’t picked up by Vorpx.
    I’ve made a Vorpx shortcut to falloutnv.exe, but it just brings up the launcher with play and options and stuff on it and after pressing “Play” and starting a game Vorpx never wakes up.
    I know it worked for someone on here.
    I’m using Steam but have tried running the .exe with Steam off.
    Any ideas?

    Hopefully I’m just being thick.



    Now I can’t find the post I thought I’d seen about New Vegas.
    Thinking about it, it was probably Fallout 3 that I was reading about on here…


    Hi ScarletSpirit,

    Please make sure that you do not have any d3d9.dll in your Fallout NV folder (for example from an ENB mod), which conflicts with vorpX.

    If you create shortcuts, you should create them for the main .EXE, not the launcher. In case of New Vegas that would be FalloutNV.exe.

    If that doesn’t help: There are problems with Steam, which affect seemingly random games on different machines. Maybe that’s the case here. This is being worked on and will be fixed (hopefully in all cases) with the next update, due sometime next week.

    Hope, that helps.


    Just to confirm, I am able to play New Vegas with Vorpx. I am still fine tuning a few of the options though. For instance, when I look in a direction, my view will shift all the way to the edge of the screen. I think it must be something to do with 1) my mouses’ custom sensitivity (Logitech g600) 2) in game sensitivity (1-10bars) and 3) vorpx head-tracking sensitivity.

    But I digress. The point is that it works and it works quite well at that. I am really appreciating all of the different settings available with this driver.


    I have rooted out the culprit in this matter. Turns out it was middle click. Middle click is “toggle” edge look as well as (for New Vegas) toggle camera. After changing the camera button to try and remove an added variable I found that middle click was still changing the game. Then after realizing my assumption that edge look had to be held, it quickly became apparent that every time I had been switching to 3rd person view, I would switch back and be right back in edge look mode.

    I believe it best for anyone who is just learning vorpx for the first time as I was to remember to first play a simple game you are comfortable with and know all the different settings for. Then while adapting to vorpx it becomes easier to align the 3d and to learn a bit about your own eyesight and how to configure other devices to work with you.


    Got it to start (you were right about the d3d9.dll that found it’s way into my Fallout NV folder Ralph) but now it crashes as soon as I get to a game.
    I initially tried to load a saved game, that crashed as soon as the loading screen was done, then I tried a new game, got through all the cut scenes (very cool) but then again it goes loading screen and crashes as soon as you would enter first person in-game.
    I’ve tried all the 3d modes (Z-Adaptive etc).
    Any thoughts?


    Oh right, I get it now…
    Vorpx won’t recognize Fallout NV whilst the d3d9.dll is in the folder, but the game crashes in that way when I’ve removed it…

    Incompatible for the moment then?



    @ l1nc : One of the next updates will allow to remap EdgePeek to antoher key, in case you want to use the MMB for FalloutNVs normal functionality.

    @ ScarletSpirit : It should work under normal circumstances. If you have any mods installed, you could try with a clean istall and see whether that helps. Especially using the Fallout Script Extender (FOSE) might cause any number of strange issues.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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