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    I’m playing FNV with Vorpx and a lite collection of mods via MO2 called Viva New Vegas. Obviously we know the issues arising with ini redirection and Mod Organizer. However, I’ve turned off the ability for MO to change ini files.

    Here’s my problem: I ran Direct VR and set res to ‘ultra’ (I’m on Vorpx 24.10 with a 3090ti) The res is set to something like 3340 x 2280 I have bfullscreen set to 0 in falloutprefs and ‘windowed’ box checked in the NV Launcher. When I launch the game through MO it is indeed windowed but trying to display the 3340 x 2280 resolution which obviously overlaps my available screen space, resulting in not being able to click on anything in-game that’s hidden by the monitor.

    If I run via the NV Launcher the desired res is of course not available< I have to choose a much lower one. Any res I set in order to get a working screen space is then my vorpx game resolution but my mods are all available.

    I need to find a way to have the cosmetic game monitor window not be the same size as my Vorpx one. Obviously MO2 doesn’t know I’m using a secondary display via the headset. Is there something I can set in custom.ini OR will making falloutprefs.ini read-only cause problems with the Vorpx process?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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