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    Hello Everyone,

    Hoping someone on here has run into this. I emailed VorpX support and they were helpful (thanks Ralf) but my issue persists – I see Fallout76 is supported and I have seen others use it.

    My PC is Win 11 / Fallout76 latest official build / no overlays or weird stuff

    I can run and hook other applications and games just fine. However Fallout76 hands on the Steam VR “Next up”. I have tried making a VorpX shortcut to it, different profiles (official and cloud), etc.

    No matter what – the same problem:
    -Fallout76 launches
    -SteamVR says Next Up Fallout76
    -On screen FO76 has the Vorpx overlays
    -Ctrl+Alt+Shift does not close the overlay as VorpX says, del does not open any menu (probably because I am not able to see it in the HDR)
    -If I load the game the tracking does follow the headset and that works, the VorpX overlay logo is in the bottom center however the HMD sits on Next Up

    My headset is a Vive.

    Has anyone else run into this or a fix?


    Sounds as if vorpX can hook into the game in general, but something goes wrong in respect to sending the image to the headset. No way to tell what without further information, but if you create a trouble shoot data archive in the config app (Trouble Shooting page) and send me that via mail to support at vorpx com, I could check whether I see something unusual in the log file or your system config.


    Ralf – thanks. I sent you a few, we had talked in email, I reached out here to see if any community folks had an idea.

    The issue is exactly like you say. If for testing I switch the mode to “Generic 3D Display” I can then of course get the FO76 VorpX menu inside the game etc but not in the actual HMD.

    It looks like it hooks ok but the HMD does not show FO76. It does not happen with anything else except FO76 that I can see, I’ve tested other games. I am really sad since VorpX is great and I want to play FO76 (even though it’s a dumpster fire, yeah yeah) in VR.


    I hooked up my Rift S and installed the Oculus software, verified it works.

    Same exact issue. I get the FO76 loading and nothing on the HMD. So I ruled out steam and steamVR as the cause here.

    I sent you new logs @ Ralf.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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