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    i was just banned on the 13th Aug during this vac wave happening right now. i did in fact use CS:GO with VORPX over this past weekend since i just bought the program on Aug 4th. i did not even connect to Vac server tho as i OBVIOUSLY know that is not allowed. but i did play with bots. and tried a surf server. i even had to set my game launch options to -untrusted because VorpX could not hook on right. this is so frustrating because i already forwarded my additional info to the vac team for review. but NO ONE gets a direct reply from them EVER anyway, this is what i have researched. so i just have to sit here and pray and hope they get to my case? i have also googled it and there have also been other people vac banned from vorpx in csgo but they were helped and got their vac removed. this process of a ban from a game has never happen to me and i am very uneasy about my account, skins, and investments. if any one have some guidance please i could use it right now


    Can’t really say much to this. Judging from your post it sounds fairly unlikely that you got banned for using vorpX. How would you get a VAC ban when you not even connect to a VAC server.

    On a side note: please don’t make multiple post regarding the same matter. Thanks.


    even if i play with bots on my own it still has VAC. and i was told today that i had to set my game with two different parameters, -untrusted and -insecure. the more important one is -insecure because that is the way to disable the new VAC update that was rolled out a couple weeks ago. i only set -untrusted because that is what i use for my NVIDIA Game Filter. and also i apologize its just that im afraid that the VAC team wont get to me because there was a recent ban wave, ive never had to deal with something like this. i was hoping that someone here had a similar issue that could help in any way.


    Vorpx is mostly made for single-player games, you used this online on a VAC PROTECTED SERVER, that’s not vorpx issue, you should have completely gone offline, VR is for DEDICATED GAMES, VORPX is for games that are singleplayer, you can use it in multiplayer games, IF THERES NO ANTICHEAT!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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