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    I got Final Fantasy X HD Remastered to work somewhat. The 3d looks good but not great.

    What I did was: I used the “Alternative Hook in method” and I made a profile based on the game “Unravel”. Also I checked off and used the “Expert Settings”, found in the general tab.

    The game is best viewed with “immersive screen” or “cinema mode”. Use z-normal for 3d reconstruction. Have 3d strength and Depth Weighting set to max. Finally, just turn up Focal Distance no more than 10.

    It looks 3d now, but I have a feeling it could look better than this. But I guess it’s better than nothing…I uploaded the profile to the cloud as “Final Fantasy X HD Remaster” if anyone want’s to check it out.


    I purchased FINAL FANTASY X / X-2 HD Remaster.
    And I launched the game using your profile.
    I think that the screen setting was 1280 * 768 in WINDOWED MODE.
    There was an atmosphere that the first chocobo was three-dimensional on the walking screen.
    However, there are no 3D effects on the subsequent game screen.
    The settings are not messing with your profile stuff.
    Did you succeed in getting 3D effects on this profile?
    If possible, please tell me how to set 3D effect.
    I read the method described in your profile, but I was not sure how to get 3D effects.
    Thank you.


    same here, I tried it for many months using his exact instructions. Nothing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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