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    Just trying out Far Cry. The menu (overlay?) text is not visible in the game. ti’s working just fine without vorpx (non-OR). It also seems that the health warning and shift-space alignment notices are jammed way over to the left, if that’s any hint.

    I tried different game video setting, and but Geo and adaptive, no change.

    Could be a fun one in the OR – and older games like this get sweet frame rates on modern systems – zero latency (ish).


    Confirmed. I will look into it.

    For now you can work around the issue by deactivating vorpX in the vorpX ingame menu while you are using the FarCry menu, and reactivating vorpX when you made it into the game. Not ideal, but works.

    I agree that this is a nice match for the Rift. Runs without any noticable latency even on lower end machines, but still looks quite nice despite the graphics being technically outdated.


    Sweet. Best $40 that I’ve spent in a long time!



    Would it be possible to get a hotkey for disabling VorpX? Would make this easier. Apart from the menu glitch Far Cry is very nice with the Rift indeed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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