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    I’ve gone through troubleshooting and the various things I’ve found posted here and on reddit (quite old) and have managed to get the game kicking in and starting on the Rift, but it just freezes on the loading screen. The game carries on loading on my monitor, though.

    It’s in DX11 – DX9 won’t work at all.

    I’ve read in another post by Ralf that it can be a case of just trying repeatedly – which I have done for two days (not all day of course!) but it is freezing at the same loading point – after a couple of seconds – every time.

    I have also tried the launcher ‘dance’ and used the VorpX optimising and excluded the updater exe. Uplay is set up as recommended.

    What bugs me is people saying it is one of the easiest to get working, grrrr!


    Far Cry 3 (and other Ubisoft games) will finally load more reliable in DX11 mode with the next vorpX version. These games do some very odd things when initializing DX11. Might be related to Uplay not the games itself though.


    I’ll wait for the next version, then – thanks.


    Hi hello,

    HTC vive user here. It works perfectly in dx9 settings but not dx11. anyone wonder why? Can any htc vive user or oculus user confirm this? thanks


    I now have this working well – not perfectly – but well enough to be fun, after the latest updates.

    Just needs a bit of tweaking, and takes a very long time to load.

    Oh, the view centering doesn’t work properly, either, but I can get round that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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