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    new download from ubisoft, just a few settings changed like disabling antialising, ssao, blur and dof.

    windows 10 64bit geforce 2080ti 64gb ram intel 12700k

    the problem is that as soon as i get into the game, the equipped weapon is shuddering back and forth like it’s switching between two offset renders, and some of the level geometry is out of order, like for example some pieces of scaffolding will show through eachother, or there will be blurry triangles on hillsides

    i am new to vorpx and i noticed that the far cry 3 g3d profile has some extra setup instructions so maybe i just missed something there?

    also it seems to be using a really low resolution even when i turn off vorpx’s setting to automatically change resolution, and replace it in the ini with a doubled res

    my wmr and openxr settings are definitely highest quality, no dynamic resolution


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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