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    Has anyone managed to get Far Cry 4 to work with 0.9?

    I’ve turned off the Uplay overlay and gone offline (this is what worked before) but the game just launches as normal and Vorpx doesn’t hook.



    Not me. It crashes when I try to launch, but I’m still on Oculus runtime 0.6. I’m assuming you need at least 0.7.


    Same for me, I get health and safety warning with black screen and far cry 4 is not responding. I got latest vorpx and oculus runtimer.


    Never mind it works now :D


    Care to share how you did it? got crash on launch with oculus 0.7 and vorpx 0.9


    Tested FC4. Oculus 0.8, Uplay Version without Steam. Set FC4 to windowed and VorpX Pause Watcher. First you have a small Start Screen, then a loading Screen. When the loading bar is at around 50%, resume Watcher.

    Far Cry VR I enjoyed Blood Dragon the most, because the graphic style works really good in VR instead of Himalaya FC4.


    That’s a nice trick. Thanks a lot man, I tried every other possible solution to launch Far Cry 4 with VorpX and it crashed at start-up every time. Disabled Uplay overlay, gone offline, disable Steam overlay, MSI afterburner, antivirus, everything…VorpX desktop shortcut for better hook chance…nothing worked. I almost gave up, re-enabled all overlays and tried your solution, resuming Watcher after the loading bar passed 50%…VorpX hooked, launched campaign, tweaked settings for perfect image…works flawlessly.

    Also I might add that Far Cry 4 is a good game to be played with VorpX:
    – minimum zoomed-in effect due to high FOV setting, especially combined with Letterbox 2
    – very well optimized, runs great oh high settings
    – visible HUD in-game on DK2 thanks to VorpX’s Game Settings optimizer for Far Cry 4
    – very nice experience with driving, gliding, combat
    – great graphics, atmosphere, physics…it’s a Far Cry game after all


    There is a FOV zoom in vehicles. That hurts my brain ;)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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